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Einot Bar – Center for Mental Health support, Rest and Restoration for Soldiers and Civilians in the Gaza Envelope.

Einot bar is located about 20 minutes drive from the Gaza Envelope, the area which was hit on October 7th and where the majority of soldiers are based today.  The center was founded 10 years ago and is one of the leading centers in Israel for water therapy. In peacetime, we specialize in water treatments to reduce anxiety, support mental balance, pain reduction and treat trauma and PTSD. We conduct most of the trainings and courses in Israel for water therapists and last year were selected by the Globes as the leading water treatment center in Israel.

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Since Oct 7th , Einot Bar has become a therapeutic center for soldiers and residents of the south.

We voluntarily treated over 1,000 soldiers, reservists and residents of the surrounding area - adults, youth, children and babies who faced the horrors of Oct 7th.


Our area of ​​expertise, combined with our location near the Gaza Envelope, has made Einot Bar more important than ever and a beating heart for treatments for those who need it more than anything. We have a large team of certified, highly experienced therapists, all with a wide background in trauma therapy.

We receive wave upon wave of soldiers and reservists who fight in Gaza and are stationed for long weeks without respite in improvised bases, who come to Einot Bar for a few hours of meaningful treatments, and meetings with therapists. In addition, the number of citizens of the south district who turn to us for support is increasing at a high rate from week to week. The center offers them a holistic experience of boutique accommodation and water treatments of the highest international standards, fresh, healthy and delicious food a peaceful atmosphere.

During these challenging times, many adults and children are dealing with unbearable stress and trauma and we are doing as much as we can to be there for each of them. The water treatments we offer are recognized as emotional therapy for everyone, and we have extensive experience and hundreds of success stories in the treatment of post-trauma, depression and anxiety disorders, emotional and social difficulties and even chronic diseases.

To soldiers from the front lines our treatments offer noticeable physical relief following the relaxation of tense muscles, as well as mental-emotional relief and support in their attempts to cope with the horrors of battle and war.

Families from the Gaza Envelope will enjoy and benefit from the relief of physical tensions, as well as emotional support in dealing with the anxieties and trauma that accompany them as residents of conflict zones who are forced to live with alarms, shelters and existential fear.


For more details and donations: 

  972-52-8230203 Einat Tasarfati

Bank account: bank Ha'poalim (12), branch 770, account 104268

Donate by Paypal


During these challenging times, many adults and children are dealing with unbearable stress and trauma and we are doing as much as we can to be there for each of them. 

Currently, the place hosts up to 40 people simultaneously, usually for about 3-4 hours. On certain days, two groups arrive in the morning and in the afternoon, and we routinely receive about a thousand people a month. In the future, we hope to expand ​​the complex and add accommodations and treatment facilities, so we can offer optimal solutions to as many people as possible. Among other things, we plan to cooperate with the Ministry of Health and allow hospitals in the area to send groups of patients to benefit from the center’s services.

What does a visit to Einot bar include?  

🌀 Personal water treatments by the best therapists in Israel. 

🌀 Medical massages in a variety of methods.

🌀 Movement bodywork . Assists in restoring functional abilities, transitioning from “survival mode” and regaining a sense of control.

🌀 Mindfulness sessions. 

🌀 High-quality and healthy food.

עיגולים עינות בר.png
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