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Einot Bar - Mental Health Center for Soldiers Deployed in Gaza and Residents of the Gaza envelope.

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Einot Bar, located in the northern Negev, a 20-minutes drive from the city of Sdererot and Gaza envelope, is one of the professional and longstanding treatment centers in the country, and one of the few therapeutic centers near the war zone.

Before the war, the center specialized in hydrotherapy (Watsu) and training therapists with a focus on treating anxiety, trauma, depression, and psychological imbalance. In addition to numerous awards received in recent years, in 2023, Globes recognized Einot Bar as the leading professional water therapy center in Israel.

Since the beginning of the war, we’re functioning as a ‘mental health E.R’ and provide therapies to reduce trauma, increase mental balance, and strengthen the mental resilience for those who need it most during this time:

- Soldiers returning from combat in Gaza.

- IDF units dealing with families who lost the dear ones and injured soldiers.  

- Survivors of October 7th.

- Families of hostages and families who lost some of their members. 


Since the beginning of the war, we have treated over 8,500 individuals - Citizens of the Gaza strip, civilians suffering from trauma and soldiers and reserve duty individuals with PTSD and need for mental balancing. The number of referrals for treatment at our center continues to increase day by day.

The treatments we provide include individual water therapy sessions, or a series of treatments, conducted by the best therapists in the country specializing in trauma. Other modalities encompass body treatments (such as Shiatsu), meetings with therapists, group therapy. Spending time at Einot Bar also includes accommodation for several hours or overnight in our luxurious facilities which enable to enjoy some quiet time facing the desert landscapes, comfortable sleeping rooms, healthy food, and free time in the heated pool.

We receive incredible feedback from numerous patients regarding stress relief, being able to process experiences from the war, and building mental resilience.

"I don't know exactly what you do there, but in recent weeks, I've transported hundreds of soldiers to you. On the way there, they are tired and worn out, and when they return, they are full of life, calm, and with sparkling eyes." - Bus driver bringing soldiers from conflict zones.

"I came to you after informing my commander that I couldn't go on anymore, and he sent me to you. After a few hours here, I feel embraced, as if I received a hug from mom. I can return to my duties and perform them optimally." - Officer working with families who lost their dear ones. 

"My dad has been dealing with PTSD since the Yom Kippur War. After several encounters with terrorists, I feared I would suffer from the same symptoms. After visiting here, I understand that it's possible to release and process what I've been through." - Officer from the Nahal unit.


The cost of treatment and hosting for a soldier/ civilian is 500 NIS, during the upcoming wartime period, we are expecting to accommodate over 1,000 individuals per month.

Einot Bar is currently operated through volunteering and donations.

Despite the high priority of mental health in both the military and civilian sectors, there are still no budgets allocated by the government for treatment for soldiers/reservists during their service, and there is currently no clear system for budgeting for the victims of October 7th. We anticipate that in the coming months, the center will continue to rely primarily on donations, and we would appreciate your assistance.

For more details and donations: 

  972-52-8230203 Einat Tasarfati

Bank account: bank Ha'poalim (12), branch 770, account 104268

IBAN: IL58-0127-7000-0000-0104-268

Donate by Paypal


Donation for Einot Bar

During these times, there are countless important donation causes. 

Here are the main reasons reasons why donating to Einot Bar can make a significant difference in the lives of thousands of people:

 🌀 Sustainable organization with a highly experienced team, specializing in trauma treatment

Einot Bar is one of the longstanding trauma treatment centers with a skilled team of therapists. For years, we have been treating residents of the southern region who have experienced trauma and stress due to various wartime and terror situations. Einot Bar is recognized by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health, and we have been working for years with patients suffering from PTSD. While we are currently dealing with a larger number of patients than ever before and facing particularly deep traumas, we feel equipped with all the tools to provide the highest level of professional treatment that addresses the needs of this complex period.

 🌀 Strategic location

We are one of the few theoretical centers in the southern region and the only one offering such treatment in the surrounding area. Our location allows soldiers located in Gaza to reach us for a few hours and receive treatment during the conflict period. We serve as a supportive place for many residents of the south and the Gaza envelope who need on-going treatment

 🌀 Quick Results

Our water therapy allows instant disconnection and deep therapy. In contrast to other treatment methods that require multiple sessions and familiarity with the patient for initial results, over 90% of our patients report significant relief already after the first treatment.

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Treatment volume and expected rehabilitative outcomes

Einot Bar has a dedicated team of certified therapists (in water therapy, trauma, and other treatment methods) consisting of 25 therapists available around the clock. We strive to accommodate as many patients as possible.

Treatment is divided into "deep" treatments intended for populations experiencing trauma aftermath, such as survivors of the October 7th events and bereaved families, and half-day/full-day programs aimed at reducing trauma and preventing PTSD, primarily for soldiers still on duty. With the diminishing intensity of the war, we expect to receive fewer groups of soldiers from the field and begin treating more in-depth groups of soldiers who have experienced complex events in combat and require a plan for processing the hardships they've endured.

The current treatment capacity includes:

  • 200 civilians per month for depth treatments or treatment series.

  • 1,000 soldiers for a minimum 4-hour sessions, including various types of therapy and day/over night stays (including accommodation) on-site.

According to research and reports from our patients, for 80% of the patients, the treatment and stay at the center help immediately reduce stress, have a direct impact on continuous sleep, and assist in returning to normal functioning. For 30%, there will be a deeper impact that will aid in reducing future PTSD and shorten future therapy times.

The operating cost of the center during this period is approximately 250,000 NIS per month. The cost mainly covers salaries for the therapists (all residents of the south and the Gaza envelope), center operations, and food expenses.

We believe that in a few months, we will receive significant funding for our activities from the Ministry of Defense, reserve units' associations, and national insurance. We are working to advance these channels. Currently, although the importance of mental health treatment is clear to all, these systems still lack a clear budget plan for war victims, and we rely on donations to continue our critical activities during this period.

The team

Our current therapeutic team comprises 25 therapists, all with extensive experience and relevant certifications. Most of our therapists specialize in trauma treatment and have substantial experience in this field. The majority of our therapists are trained and experienced in working with youth, children, and infants.

Some of our senior therapists include:

 🌀 Einat Tsarfati Cohen - Founder and manager

Integrative therapist and senior water therapist accredited by WABA, specializing in accompanying women during pregnancy, infants, children, adolescents, and adults through crisis and trauma processes, guiding in-depth healing and renewal.

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 🌀 Ohad Drory

Master's degree in trauma-focused social work, certified therapist accredited by the global organization WABA in water therapy. Years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults, terror victims, and Holocaust survivors.

 🌀 Maya Benjamin

Senior water therapist accredited by WABA, hydrotherapist, specialist in child and infant development, guiding youth groups and groups in their third age, facilitating emotional processes, healing, and renewal, trauma, and grief since 2001.

 🌀 Liat Zohar

Senior water therapist accredited by WABA, hydrotherapist, specialist in child and infant development, guiding youth groups and groups in their third age, facilitating emotional processes, healing, and renewal, trauma, and grief since 2001.

War Period Supporting Team:

Due to the increased volume and magnitude of patients, and the new needs of the center, several professionals from top fields have joined us on a daily basis during this period.

 🌀 Iris Shoor
Serial tech entrepreneur, founder of three successful startups with two successful exits, the latest being with LinkedIn. Product Manager at LinkedIn Israel, with rich experience in management, marketing, and finance.

 🌀 Ofir Beigel
Former Air Force pilot, successful crypto entrepreneur, emotional therapist for five years, leading retreats for emotional balance for various audiences.


 🌀 Dr. Eli Yahalom

Over thirty years of experience in establishing and managing companies in the life sciences field. Management board member at Medical Care medical center.

עיגולים עינות בר.png

For more details and donations: 

  972-52-8230203 Einat Tasarfati

Bank account: bank Ha'poalim (12), branch 770, account 104268

IBAN: IL58-0127-7000-0000-0104-268

Donate by Paypal

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